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Lytx® is a leading provider of video telematics, analytics, safety, and productivity solutions utilizing machine vision and AI technology. Using the world’s largest driving database of its kind, Lytx helps protect and connect thousands of fleets and an estimated 1.5 million drivers worldwide across commercial, public sector, and field service fleets.

Lytx 2024 DOTY COTY Awards

Lytx – 2024 DOTY COTY Release – 03-27-2024

Lytx / Ford Pro Telematics

Lytx – Ford Pro Telematics – 01-25-2024

Lytx Weather Hazard Alerts

Lytx – Weather Hazard Alerts Release – 10-13-2023

Lytx 2023 State of the Data

Lytx – 2023 State of the Data Release – 05-23-2023

Lytx – 2023 State of the Data eBook – 05-23-2023

Lytx 25th Anniversary

Lytx – 25th Anniversary Release – 05-10-2023

Lytx 25th Anniversary Infographic

Lytx 2023 DOTY/COTY Awards

Lytx – 2023 DOTY/COTY Awards Release – 02-08-2023

Lytx Parked Data

Lytx Parked/Daimler Release

Lytx – Parked/Daimler Release – 10-21-2022

Lytx Reusable User Interface (UI) Components Release

Lytx – Reusable UI Components Press Release – 9-14-2022

Lytx Asset Tracking Release

Lytx – Asset Tracking Release – 7-20-2022

Lytx DVIR Release

Lytx – DVIR Release – 6-30-2022

Lytx Q1 2022 Release

Lytx – Q1 2022 Release – 5-9-2022

Lytx 2021 State of the Data Release 

Lytx – 2021 State of the Data Release – 4-27-2022

Lytx Innovation Award Release 

Lytx – Innovation Award Press Release – 3-10-2022

Lytx Driver of the Year and Coach of the Year Release 

Lytx – DOTY COTY Press Release – 2-28-2022

Lytx Board Member Appointment Release 

Lytx – Board Member Appointment Press Release – 2-2-2022

Lytx Driver-Centric Tools Release 

Lytx – Driver-Centric Tools Press Release – 10-25-2021

Lytx HD Fleet Surfsight Release 

Lytx – HD Fleet Surfsight Press Release – 9-21-2021

Lytx Integration Network Release 

Lytx – Lytx Integration Network Release – 08-17-2021

DTC and Preventative Maintenance Release 

Lytx – DTC and Preventative Maintenance Release – 07-13-2021

Year-End Press Release

Lytx Year-End Press Release 04-14-2021

Executive Bios

Brandon has served as Lytx CEO for 11 years, championing the company’s commitment to saving lives and leading the Lytx team to unprecedented success: 65% market share, a best-in-class product portfolio and unrivaled innovation. In 2018, Lytx helped 3,000 clients keep their 850,000 drivers and more than 500,000 vehicles safe and their businesses productive, efficient and profitable. Brandon joined Lytx from ViaSat, where he was responsible for the company’s commercial business. Prior to ViaSat, he was CEO of Enerdyne Technologies and spent nearly two decades in a variety of executive roles at Hewlett Packard, Texas Instruments, PCSI/Cirrus Logic, SAIC, and private equity firm, Housatonic Partners, where he founded the firm’s communications practice. Brandon holds a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering from University of California, San Diego and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. As Chief Technology Officer, Rajesh is responsible for the overall vision and strategy for Lytx’s products and technology; building on the company’s legacy of innovation and market leadership while driving it forward on a global scale. His role spans the company’s technology and product management organizations as they continue to create and lead the market with innovative, machine vision and artificial intelligence-powered fleet management solutions that help fleets stay safe, efficient and productive. Rajesh has more than 20 years of technology innovation leadership experience, spanning connected devices, mobile and cloud platforms, developing product and technology strategy, and driving execution on a global scale. Prior to joining Lytx in 2020, Rajesh was the CTO at Snapdeal, the third-largest e-commerce company in India. He also served as CTO of Hike Messenger and as Head of Wearables and Internet-of-Things at Motorola/Google. Rajesh has a B.S. in Computer Science from Bangalore University in India, and a Masters Certificate from the George Washington School of Business.


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