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Ravensburger, a 138 year old, family run puzzle and game company based in Germany, has been making high-quality puzzles since 1964 and has been a world leader in puzzles for over 55 years. According to a recent study, nearly half (48 percent) of all Americans enjoy piecing together a jigsaw puzzle at least once a year, with relaxation, stress relief and just plain fun cited as the top reasons for puzzling. Of that 48 percent, 7 in 10 consider puzzling to be a family tradition.

This year alone, Ravensburger will release 200 new puzzles in North American (more than 600 worldwide) that range from iconic scenes suitable for framing to charming 3D puzzles that double as a toy or centerpiece. For those up for a challenge – Ravensburger also makes some of the world’s biggest puzzles – clocking in at 40,320 pieces and estimated to take an entire year to complete (puzzling 11 hours each week).

Just as it has been for hundreds (even thousands) of years, puzzling more than ever is in fashion. Today, 1 in 2 Americans puzzle for fun, to relax or to relieve stress. Families puzzle together as a winter tradition. Millennials puzzle to connect with each other and disconnect from a hyper-digital lifestyle. And, seniors puzzle for a brain boost.

2021 Puzzle Fact Sheet


Ravensburger Puzzle Fact Sheet 2021

Puzzle Trivia Sheet 


Ravensburger Puzzle Trivia Sheet

Fall Releases


Marvel Villainous Puzzles


Disney Villainous: Perfectly Wretched Puzzles


John Deere Adult Puzzles


John Deere Kids Puzzles


Winnie the Pooh Puzzles


The Kids and Adult Fall Puzzles are available on Amazon:

Marvel Villainous Ultron Marvel Villainous Hela
Marvel Villainous Thanos John Deere Then & Now
Seasons of John Deere World of John Deere
John Deere Big Wheels Winnie the Pooh Magic Show


Spring Releases


Adult Puzzles 

The Adult Spring Puzzles are available for purchase on Amazon:

Cozy Bathroom Cozy Cabana Cozy Wine Terrace
Escape Puzzle – The Laboratory Escape Puzzle – The Toy Factory Pink Krypt


Kids Puzzles 



The Kid’s Spring Puzzles are available for purchase on Amazon:

Space Dinosaurs  Space Construction
Pet School Pals  Kid’s Escape Puzzle – Jungle Journey
Kid’s Escape Puzzle – Museum Mystery Kid’s Escape Puzzle – Amusement Park Plight


2021 Puzzle Month


Cozy Retreat Puzzle 

The Cozy Retreat is available for purchase on Amazon.


Disney Heroines Series

The Disney Heroines Collection is available for purchase on Amazon:

Disney Heroines Collection – Snow White  Disney Heroines Collection – Belle

Escape Puzzles 

The Escape Puzzles series is available for purchase on Amazon :

Escape Puzzles: Forbidden Basement  Escape Puzzles: Curse of the Wolves 


Other Puzzles


Additional new 2021 puzzles are available for purchase on Amazon:

Gardener’s Getaway Typefaces  Lions, Tigers & Bears, Oh My! 


2021 New Puzzles: Kids


The 2021 New Puzzles for Kids are available for pre-order on Amazon:

Construction Fun Koalas and Sloths Dinosaurs in Space
T-Rex Terror Rainforest Animals 



2020 Best Selling Puzzles: Adult

The Adult Best Sellers are available on Amazon:

Cozy Retreat Tropical Waters Disney Villainous: Ursula
Bizarre Bookstore 2 One Dot At A Time Planetary Vision 
Doors of the World  Disney: The Artist’s Desk Disney-Pixar: Movies
Bicycles in Amsterdam 


2020 Best Selling Puzzles: Kids

The Kids Best Sellers are available on Amazon:

Construction Crowd Disney Princess Heartsong Disney Moana One Heart One Ocean Toy Story 4 100pc
Frozen 2: Strong Sisters Horse Dreams World Landmarks Map Toy Story (100 pc) 
Realm of the Giants  Disney-Pixar: Pixar Friends


Lifestyle Photos

Puzzle Accessories

Puzzle Easel

Sort & Go

The Sort & Go is available for purchase on Amazon.

Stow & Go

The Stow & Go is available for purchase on Amazon.


Puzzles Funds the Cure Contest 



Ravensburger the world leader in jigsaw puzzles, celebrates the creativity of kids during Puzzle Month with the launch of “Puzzles Funds the Cure Design Contest.” Running from January 1st-30th, the contest (in partnership with the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation) encourages children create a design that inspires hope. Ten lucky winners will have their designs incorporated into a limited-edition, one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzle that will be sold on Ravensburger.us to help raise money to support pediatric cancer research. (Official rules can be found here.)

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