Ravensburger Puzzles Press Kit 2023


Ravensburger Puzzles


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Ravensburger, a 140-year-old, family run puzzle and game company based in Germany, has been making high-quality puzzles since 1964 and has been a world leader in puzzles for over 55 years.

This year alone, Ravensburger will release over 111 new puzzles in North America that range from iconic movies to classic cartoons and popular video games. For those up for a challenge – Ravensburger also makes some of the world’s biggest puzzles – clocking in at 40,320 pieces and estimated to take an entire year to complete (puzzling 11 hours each week).


Disney Castle Collection Puzzles

Disney Castle Collection Puzzles are available for purchase on Amazon


Karen’s Puzzles: Gradient Cascade

Karen’s Puzzles: Gradient Cascade is available for purchase at Barnes & Noble


Star Wars Villainous Puzzles

Star Wars Villainous Puzzles are available for purchase on Amazon


Wooden Puzzles

Wooden Puzzles are currently available at specialty stores. 
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