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About Toya

Toya is an award-winning, female-founded and led, Roblox studio behind the runaway hit Miraculous Ladybug RP. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, the user generated content (UGC) game studio produces non-linear, open-ended games on the Roblox platform with a strong focus on community and world building for the often-overlooked young female audience. As one of the larger Roblox creators, the company has released more than 12 games and gained more than a billion downloads worldwide.

About Super U Story

Super U Story centers around The Academy – a school for kids and teens with superpowers – under siege by a group of rogue students bent on spreading negativity. The mission is to help players find their unique superpower of flight, fire, water, or speed, to dodge and destroy the poisonous negativity to help save The Academy from being overcome. Players can customize their own avatars allowing them to experience more representative versions of beauty, team up with friends to explore the Academy, earn power-ups and complete quests. The game fully launches late Fall 2022. 

Media Contact

Colette Vignocchi,

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